Dragonfly Interiors
Cape May Designer Show House 2014-15
A Mother's Day Has No End...

But if it did...what would her relaxing space look like?
Dragonfly Interiors chose to celebrate the Mother's Day holiday by offering up
our version of what a relaxing retreat for Mom could be. Since we were
starting within the framework of a Victorian seaside resort home, the word
'elegant' came to mind and inspired us
Dragonfly Interiors

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to bring in rich fabrics and beautiful color. Not all seaside spaces call for
pale aqua or nautical navy. In this case, we saw an application for what
some might consider to be
Dragonfly Interiors can create a warm and inviting space to suit your style
and fit your budget.
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the unusual combination of shades of purples and browns. Both the
homeowner and we had an immediate reaction of 'delight' when we
viewed the fabric used for the window drapery...see if you do too! This
along with the remaining elements of the room, were brought together
with Mom in mind...and her secret hope that maybe she can sneak
away...even for an hour...in her own oasis of feminine luxury.